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Who is the pandemic shopper?

Every retailer, no matter what their vertical is asking themselves two questions:

  1. When are my customers coming back?
  2. How will they shop?

When your shoppers return is going to vary greatly, as different countries and indeed different regions recover (economically, medically and socially) at different rates.

But once they do return, how will they shop? More importantly, how do retailers prepare to make the big changes necessary? Also consider that there will be no broad-spectrum playbook. Each retail sector is going to need up-to-the-minute data to make the micro reactions required to survive, and one day thrive, in a post pandemic world.

Data driven micro reactions are key

Interpreting payment data as it happens, is going to be a retailer’s secret weapon to understanding the pandemic shopper.

Traditional methods of data analysis are costly and time consuming, and can be stale by the time it ends up on the desk of the decision makers.

Turn-key business intelligence, like the platform created by Acies AI, makes data driven micro reactions possible.

  • Want to help ease the online transition in a certain geography as it takes place?
  • How about supporting certain locations that are seeing increased foot traffic as governments relax restrictions?
  • What if you could prepare one region for re-opening by analyzing the retail patterns in another?

Payment providers using Acies AI can offer their customers these features today, creating intelligent reports and trend monitoring dashboards. These out of the box features equip their retail customers to understand, get ahead, and stay ahead of what’s next.

Can your payment provider do that for you?

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