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Changing the pitch

Not too long ago, it was enough to compete on payment products and price per transaction. The pitch was straightforward and having a history of security and good service was enough. But as the market grew, signing new clients became a race to the bottom.

So, what do you do?

Changing the pitch

What if you could offer your clients a cheat sheet on understanding their business through their payment data? What if you could help them cut through weeks, months and years of transactions across all their locations to get to help paint a picture of their successes and their failures?

How would that change their business?

Perhaps a better question, how would it change yours?

Bringing business intelligence into focus

Most retail clients understand business intelligence as a concept. They can use data about what they sell and how they sell it to make smarter strategic decisions about the business overall. Delivering on that potential is a different story. Developing a custom business intelligence platform is a journey that can involve teams of people, years of work and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What if a payment gateway could offer business intelligence to their clients at a fraction of the cost it would take to develop their own?

Consider the kind of data that is at your fingertips as a payment partner:

  • When locations see the most traffic.
  • What locations are processing the largest transactions, both overall and during specific time periods.
  • The demographic data of the clientele and their purchasing power.

The list of questions payment data can answer for retailers is as rich and varied as the product offerings themselves.

Acies AI offers intelligence as a service

With our powerful and versatile purpose-built platform you can give your clients the ability to visualize payment data and gain useful insights from day one.

As a payment partner you can offer customized, white label business intelligence solutions to each of your clients today. The platform itself can be up and running in a fraction of the time it would to implement more traditional offerings, and is scalable from ten locations, to ten thousand — and beyond.

Your clients have the data. Now it’s time to change the pitch…and make them smarter.

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