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Tackling the top of the Funnel with Business Intelligence

Before Acies AI, finding the best payment gateway often meant negotiating the best rate per transaction. Saving fractions of a cent still adds up, and finding a partner with favorable terms and easy integration used to be the two biggest items to consider when searching for a payment partner.

Today, Acies AI is working with payment gateway providers to recreate the playbook on selling to channel partners. Now, the conversation doesn’t have to start at the bottom of the funnel with purchases and payment products. Acies’ customers can start a much more interesting discussion about how their technology can add value to the business decisions at the very top of the funnel.

Imagine helping a retailer look at their business holistically from the top down. With the a turn-key business intelligence solution and access to their payment data, your clients can start to use their data to answer mission critical questions like:

  • Where their most valuable transactions are taking place.
  • What locations are performing well and which are struggling.
  • How their loyalty programs are impacting customer behaviour.

Armed with the answers to these questions, they can start to make more informed decisions about where to focus their time, money and effort. How many payment partners can offer that as a service?

Payment Gateways backed by Acies AI’s technology can do that today.

Make your Funnel Smarter

With the pace, global reach and unique challenges of retail today, it’s fair to wonder whether the questions your partners have now will be the same ones they have tomorrow. That’s where Acies AI’s machine learning comes in.

Using our platform, your customers can create comprehensive customizable dashboards that present insights driven by machine learning that completely leverages their data. As they add more data the platform reacts, presenting new trends and opportunities for success without the need to employ data analysts or software developers.

Turnkey business intelligence just changed the payment gateway playbook.

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