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Its time to ask for more from your payment partner

It used to be enough for your payment gateway to process the credit cards that your customers used. Then, giving your customers the same options online as they were used to in your brick and mortar locations gave them a consistent experience while giving you both peace of mind.

That used to be enough.

Now it’s time to ask for more from your payment partner.

Like any good collaborator, the right payment partner should be able to grow with you, anticipate your needs, and give you the tools you need to make better decisions about the future of your business.

That’s business intelligence.

Given the times we’re living through, making the right decisions backed up by data (and not just your gut) is more important than ever.

If your payment partner could give you one thing to help you survive or even thrive in today’s environment, what would that be?

What about if your payment gateway could make you smarter?

Getting smarter means harnessing the data that tells you about your customers spending. Things like:

Which of your locations see the most sales?

Which of your locations see the biggest sales?

What payment products do they use?

Do the same customers that use your brick and mortar stores also shop online?

These questions are just the tip of the payment data iceberg. We could have asked ten others. You’ve probably thought of ten others as you read this.

Is your payment partner giving you the tools to answer those questions today?

Why not?

Acies AI works closely with some of the world’s top payment gateways, offering a turn-key business intelligence platform fueled by your payment data. The Acies platform arms you with answers to your most pressing business questions, and using proprietary machine learning, answers the questions that you haven’t had time to consider.

Does that sound like a partner?

If you’re ready to unlock the hidden answers in your payment data, ask your payment gateway provider for their turn-key business intelligence platform.

Or just ask them for Acies AI.

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