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Does your payment provider have turnkey BI

Business Intelligence is a daunting commitment. No matter the size of your organization, accessing meaningful data about how your customers are purchasing your products is a multi-stage, and time-consuming process. Also, the more data you have, and the more systems you use, the greater the risk you run of turning your business intelligence initiative into a money pit.

Consider what it takes to build your BI internally:

  1. Hire a team of experts — analysts, business operations and software developers.
  2. Build the data infrastructure to handle your historical and real time payment data.
  3. Create reports detailing all the aspects of your payment data.
  4. Update and monitor those reports, working with the analysts on your payroll to add new elements as needed.
  5. Engage in the all-important analysis to help drive your business decisions, building new reports or tweaking the existing ones until you get the view you need.

And what happens if you miss something?

Go Turnkey Today

Acies AI is working with payment providers to offer turnkey business intelligence as a service to their downstream customers today.

Businesses with forward thinking payment providers using Acies AI services can:

  • Quickly access their payment data from online and brick and mortar locations.
  • Create dashboards and reports out of the box, allowing them to quickly slice and dice their data how they need it.
  • Use proprietary machine learning to offer insights into what the data is really saying about customers and their spending habits.

Of course, you could spend months or years doing it yourself — or you could ask your payment provider for business intelligence as a service, and start using your payment data to your advantage today.

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